Monster in the mother city.

So this past week a skate event went down in the mother city, unfortunately our budget doesn’t cover flying to CT for a weekend (yet) however we have the gent of gents Mr Eric Palmer our on the scene reporter if you must. Check out these snaps he took and a write up on what went down.

This past Saturday Monster Energy collaborated with the guys from Sins of Style, Circa, True Bearings and Revolution Skate to host a rail comp in the Mother City.

The Old German Club in Gardens has a 9 star rail at their entrance & allowed the skaters to shred it for the day.
Crowds started filtering in, tiles were taped up & a few guys were sizing up the rail while some others were warming up in the parking lot.
The guys were splint into two groups, sponsored & unsponsored. It took everyone a few goes to get comfortable & in no time we were seeing some big tricks thrown down.
As expected the medics were kept busy with skinless palms, glad there were no serious injuries. I did see Quinty go down like a homesick mole & hit the side of his head, but was nothing too serious.

An awesome winters day & super rad vibe, all in all it was a sick event & hope for more to come!


1st Moses Adams
2nd Simon Stipcich
Kanya Spani

1st Quinton Robertson
2nd Ryan Naidoo
Junaid Kippie

Stand out performance prize: Quinton Robertson


Tooth-BS Over Krooks

Simon Stipcich

Tre flip front board


Tre flip


Monster chills

Flip front board-Marcel


Tre flip tail grab-Marcel

David Thorpe-Casper flip


crowd chills.



Thanks to Eric Palmer for being a super gent and hooking these dope photos up.











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