Amongst our art fag mission last week after Still Stigmas at 1933 we went on over to 70 Juta for some more art fagging. Roy Potteril, some say the grand daddy of hipsterism put on this exhibition. Hashtag was a massive success with plenty of people paying a visit to see what Roys been up to. He clearly never stops his creative mind from running free in this collection of the best Instagram photos i have ever seen, there is plenty going on and it consists mostly of images of Jhb town and happenings around there. Town has started becoming a place for the youth to hang out, party and dress really smart in their parents old “vintage” clothing. If you are one of these people or just generally enjoy photography and the arts head on over to 70 Juta, great coffee a Lomography shop and Roys shop Bam Bam  are among the attractions to see at 70 Juta. Its crazy how technology has aided our artistic abilities, Hashtag is still available for all to see so pop in grab a coffee and take a walk through Roys photographic memories, who knows maybe you will get inspired to get out of your cosy house in Sandton and see what the city of Jhb actually has to offer. I promise, there is more to this place than Melrose arch and Monte casino.

  • The man himself, Roy Potteril.

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