Who Will Take Gold Today? – Red Bull X Fighters SA.

Spread them wangs son!

Spread them wangs son!

After an event filled day at qualifiers yesterday today marks FMX history in South Africa as the final for Red Bull X Fighters goes down under the watchful eye of Madiba’s statue in front of the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Local hero Nick De Wit as well as Ally Sayer (Botswana) will be taking on the best of the best within the industry.  Continue reading

Loveglove Pyrotechnics.


We had a little chat with Loveglove Pyrotechnics who will be performing tomorrow night at Bohemia’s Winter Juke Box, also they just dropped a free LP titled ‘Colossal Love’. These dudes had some really funny answers and reading their bio is a must. Check out what they had to say:

NAZ: You have the most interesting band bio I have ever read on FB, who wrote that and what was the idea behind it?

LGP: That Bio hey… It’s the result of many nights of intoxicated trash talk and big dreams. We started in a time when young bands in South Africa all seemed to be a Fokof tribute act and generally the bands scene had a whiny air with no plans for resolve. We didn’t want to spread that same message, we wanted to be more fun. However our problem was that we were from Paarl, a place that people from Bellville looked down on, a place where god and rugby ruled, we were fucked. Our solution was to invent these cardboard figures we could hide behind and be whoever we wanted to be.  We could go on stage and be those guys for an hour and I think we got as much of a kick out of it as the crowds we entertained. We learnt a lot from those cardboard dudes, but in the end they were just training wheels for us to become the performers we are.

NAZ: You guys have a new LP dropping, where can people get it, what is it called and how long has it taken? (what is the concept behind the LP and how do you guys plan to promote it?)

LGP: Our LP ‘Colossal Love’ is available for free on Soundcloud:


and Bandcamp:


Download it, SPREAD THE GLOVE, we want people to have this one as a gift from us. It has been a long process of getting the sound right and ourselves together. The LP was written with different members over the course of 3 years, but only took 3 days to record. We decided to record the tracks live in studio to capture some of our live energy. We have always been a band focused mainly on the live show and it felt crucial to capture that.

NAZ: Has Davey Deeps come to understanding the subtext of the mute?

LGP: As the bio suggests we’ve had a couple of line-up changes and a lot of the early songs were written with the influences of 4 different guitarists we also changed from a 5 to a 4 piece. Joshua (Davey Deeps) is not just understanding the subtext of the mute, but he is actually rolling together the styles of 4 different guitarists into one glorious slow-boat of sexy.

NAZ: What’s next for Loveglove Pyrotechnics?

LGP: Gig wise, we are touring up north, Mid September with The Ballistics and Taxi Violence, playing gigs in Bloem, Potch, Joburg and PTA. Then we also have Rocking the Daisies to look forward to.

In the mean time we are working on a new LP and we aim to revisit some old fashioned recording techniques. You can expect that one out first thing next year (and in hard copy this time, we promise!)

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The Dopest Dope.


Our homies over at Dope Industries are running a pretty sweet competition to get your hands on some of their fresh product. Basically, how the comp works is that YOU need to own the spot and tag #spotshot, #dopeind and comment on your post with @dopeindustries. The first spot of the competition is at Thibault Square in Cape Town so bring your A game and stand a chance to win some of the dopest gear around! The more creative you are the better ;)

Check out Dope Industries:






Oppikoppi – The Out-Of-This-World Odyssey.


Have you noticed how much better Oppikoppi has gotten over the last few years? Dust clouds – for what? This year especially those ground-watering trucks improved the experience ten-fold. Gone are the times of the instant black lung and the dust filled nostrils. Don’t get me wrong, the black lung is coming and so are those brown tissues but it’s not as instant and not as unpleasant anymore.  Continue reading

Friday Freshness Vol. 8!


It’s the end of the week and we don’t expect you to read, I mean C’MOOON it’s Friday. Our gift to you is a few simple visual pleasures. Go for it, let your eyes water. Continue reading

Kevin Schnider – The Smile Behind The Lens.


Mr Kevin Scnider has been putting in a lot of work behind the lens as of late and after hanging with him on a recent trip to JHB I decided it was necessary to write something about this legend of a man! Kevin is the kind of guy who always looks like he is having a great time when he is doing what he loves, shooting photos and filming videos. He reassured me of this when I bumped into him backstage at Oppikoppi this weekend, smiles for miles even with all the pressure of doing a good job on his shoulders. Continue reading

RudeOne – Grietfest 5’s!


This is our second instalment of the “Grietfest 5’s’ interviews and this time it is RudeOne that has answered our high 5 questions! The excitement for Grietfest is building and we cannot wait for the looseness that is upon us in the not to distant future! Check out what RudeOne had to say:

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Stoner Rappers – Blaze Ryders!


The Cape Town based hip hop crew that go by the name of Blaze Ryders recently won the Jagermeister Back The Artist competition and we thought; what better time to fire some questions at them? These dudes are outspoken and proud of the fact that they smoke the herb and as a group of 18 year olds that is pretty bold. Either way whatever they’re doing seems to be working, keep your eyes peeled for these dudes in the future and check out what they have to say after the bump.

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