The Lumineers – Making December That Much Better.


So after years of complaints about South Africa never getting to see the big international artists I think it’s safe to say – the drought is over. Partially due to the fact that Seed Experiences have really upped their game. It would seem that they actually know what people want. This year alone they are bringing out an array of awesome bands. The likes of Bastille, UB40, Major Lazer and John Newman as well as yet-to-take-place acts such as Rudimental, Crystal Fighters, The Presets and MGMT –  who will all be performing at In The City in JHB and Rocking The Daisies in Cape Town. And now  folk rockers The Lumineers have just been added to the rather extensive list.

The Lumineers, well they’re fantastic – to say the least. Their show will definitely play host to many beautiful girls with tears in their eyes. Their shouts of “Oh My God” and “I can’t believe it” will be frequent within the crowd. That’s totally ok, if a band can bring a girl to tears then hell, who I am to complain. It is a beautiful thing to bring a women to tears, at least – tears of joy.

The more upbeat tracks will bring about some major booty shaking and preferably no fist pumping. I can only guess that this band will be supported by the likes of Al Bairre, Shortstraw or someone along those lines. However the support acts have yet to be confirmed so I am just thumb sucking, don’t go spreading rumours now.

The Lumineers will be performing twice in our beautiful country, once in Cape Town (it’s going to make the hipsters so happy) at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on the 4th of December and then again in Johannesburg at Emmerentia Dam on the 6th of December. Open air shows are always way radder then being in a hot and sweaty venue, for R465 a ticket you really have no reason to complain, comparatively it is rather cost effective.

After being nominated for “Best new artist” and “Best Americana album”  at the 2013 Grammy Awards, they have played all over the world at some of the biggest festivals including Glastonbury, Redding, Leeds and Lollapalooza and we are lucky enough to have them bracing our shores in the not so distant future, I mean hey we can all do with a little ‘Ho Hey’ and a bit of ‘Stubborn Love’. Don’t miss out, head on over to -  for JHB tickets and here - for CPT tickets.

See you in the crowd, you better be shaking your booty and if you’re a guy, please don’t cry.






The Beautiful Lucy Kruger.

Lucy Kruger (4), photo by Lupa Photography-2

The term ‘beautiful inside and out’ aptly ascribes singer/songwriter Lucy Kruger, she’s absolutely gorgeous and pours out her soul with her equally gorgeous voice. She took some time out of her day to answer a few questions that we fired at her and we really appreciate it. Lucy will be performing at Park Acoustics on Sunday and it is set to be an epic performance, the lovely humans in Pretoria will be blown away. For more information about Lucy’s creative process and more – keep reading.

NAZ: How did you get into music and how long has performing been a part of your life?

LK: I have always been around music. My uncles and my dad all play guitar and I started singing along very early on. When I was 16 I finally started playing guitar so I could write my own material. I haven’t really stopped since.

NAZ: What inspires you to write a song, anything in specific? What is your ‘creative process’?

LK: It is a rather scattered one – in the way that I like. When I sit down to draw or write I often limit myself too much. I analyze and criticize my work before it is even been given a chance to become something. Somehow, with a guitar and my voice, I feel a bit more relaxed. There is a greater sense of play. When something that I like comes out of that experimentation – I record it, usually on my phone. Once I have a basic idea and melody, I find it easier to sit with a pen and paper and allow the rest to happen.

IMG_6445 copy

NAZ: What would you say has been the highlight of your career thus far?

LK: Somehow when I get asked this kind of question my memory suddenly disappears…

I would say (in a more general sense), that the best thing about this whole adventure is the traveling that I have been able to do around the country with the people that I like most. For a while I was doing it alone – which has its merits – but it has been a whole lot more fun since finding the Lost Boys (and some others along the way).

NAZ: You’re performing at Park Acoustics this weekend, according to various SA artists it is the best place to perform. We’d like to know are you ready to rock PTA and what can we expect?

LK: I’m super excited about playing Park Acoustics. It looks like an incredible atmosphere and I am so damn pleased to see the kind of support that is being shown for entirely local music. The organizers have obviously done a great job.

I’m opening the day so I am doing a slightly more stripped down version of the Lost Boys – but not too stripped down. Lucas, Andre and I have just come back from a run at the National Arts Festival where we performed with a similar setup. I think it’s got a pretty good balance between light and dark. I’m looking forward to sharing it. It’s been a while since I’ve played that side of the world.

NAZ: What is one question you’ve always wanted to be asked but have never, what would the answer be? (It’s a tricky one)

LK: Well the answer would definitely be yes… I feel like this is that golden opportunity… and you can only think of the perfect thing to say a week too late.

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25 hours with OICNT’s Papa Blood and Andy Fortini.

1014069_10200606068652952_590981843_nAs a writer/wannabe writer it is always a pleasure to experience something that in itself inspires you. Sure interviewing a band, attending an event or writing a review of an album inspires you to write. Unfortunately though it is already a construct and with it comes guidelines, subtle barriers. These barriers limit what you can and want to say. Not due to the fear of saying something you want to say, at NAZ we say what we mean so that is certainly no problem.  Continue reading

Friday Freshness Vol. 5!


It’s the end of the week and we don’t expect you to read, I mean C’MOOON it’s Friday. Our gift to you is a few simple visual pleasures. Go for it, let your eyes water. Continue reading

Sutherland Go BOS for 15 Seconds Of Fame.

So, yeah, these guys are good friends of ours so we are ever so slightly bias but this is 15 seconds of pure radness. The guys at Sutherland deserve a spot at Oppikoppi this year and in an attempt to get in they entered a BOS Ice Tea competition to claim a spot, we are fully backing them and have faith in the fact that they will win!

The video shows them being quite creative and using a can of BOS Ice Tea as an instrument, they do generally use some unorthodox instruments to make beautiful music so this ties in perfectly with their ideologies – making it even better. If they win they’ll be winning for being themselves and there is honestly nothing radder than that!

Give this video a watch and check out Sutherland, they are going places and you know, maybe one day you can be like (I totally knew them before they got famous) and score like a million hipster points. #investinthefuture. Plus if they get in it’ll be rad for us to hangout with them backstage, everyone wins.




Flint, Meet Spark – Another Sofar Sounds Premiere.

Once again we have been lucky enough to premiere a Sofar Sounds Johannesburg video and this time it’s the highly talented and soulful Flint, Meet Spark. These guys are the epitome of what Sofar Sounds is all about, two acoustic guitar wielding shredders pouring out their heart for the selected few that were lucky enough to be in attendance of this edition of Sofar Sounds.

Really it’s all about listening to the music and really letting yourself get lost in it. Seated on a couch, cushion or bean bag at a Sofar Sounds event – it’s easy to find your inner hippie and let yourself really feel the music.  It also makes it really easy to embrace the music when it is as beautiful as this. For a life changing and mood altering musical experience, simply click the link! Also if you’d like to be involved in one of these events, up-close and in person – head on over to the Sofar Sounds website and apply to be a guest, we promise you, it’s worth it.

Sofar – Songs from a room.

For more:



Friday Freshness Vol. 4!


It’s the end of the week and we don’t expect you to read, I mean C’MOOON it’s Friday. Our gift to you is a few simple visual pleasures. Go for it, let your eyes water. Continue reading

Mr Sakitumi – Sweet & Sour Volume 2!


We had a quick chat with Mr Sakitumi about his new EP, check it out!

NAZ: Mr Sakitumi, you are a man who has achieved various successes, from recording on Max Normal and Lark albums to releasing killer music, what keeps you motivated?

MS: the idea of the unknown, that creating music is about the process, rather than just the final product. i’ve been enjoying that part of journey a lot more lately. Plus, being around super talented people definitely rubs off, to help motivate me.

NAZ: What was the motivation for the new EP?

MS: i wanted to follow from sweet & sour vol.1, to experiment further and venture deeper into the concept. It also continues the idea that this is a series. Apart from doing the electronic banger tracks, i really, really enjoy getting to do the sweet tracks. i started with classical piano, so to be able to create and release music based around the piano is a real treat for me.

NAZ: What can people expect from this EP in comparison to the previous one?

MS: There is a bit more of the fun element (which we are normally associated with) injected into this ep. ‘One ton soup (sour)’ has a playful beginning before the banging drop. ‘Mr & grrrl (sour) feat. the grrrl’ is lyrically playful, sprinkled over a bumping track.

NAZ: Where will you be playing to promote the EP?

MS: Some shows in berlin and amsterdam while the Grrrl and i are currently in Europe. Back home in SA when we return, will be at oppikoppi :)) we couldn’t ask for a better gig to return to on home soil.

NAZ: Lastly, what’s next?

MS: developing our live show further, the grrrl wants to make the visual side more interactive. Producing and finishing our closet snare album (an electronic-jazzish band that we are part of in cape town) continuing to finish my well extended vocal collab album. Planning a collab EP with mix n blend.



Get your hands on the EP right here -


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