Basson Laubscher And The Violent Free Peace – Debut Ep Shakedown.


Basson Laubscher, who? That was my original thought as well when I was asked to review his recent EP  ‘Shakedown’. Little did I know that this EP would be banging in my ears over and over for the last week. It’s rather hypocritical to judge a musician when you have no musical qualifications. However, it’s a simple thing. You get good music and you get bad music, this is pretty damn good.

Basson grew up in Stellenbosch, much like many other talented local musicians. His parents had great taste in music and Basson was lucky enough to grow up listening to a varied array of awesome classic artists, from The Beatles to the likes of Johnny Cash, Abba, Led Zeppelin and even some Beethoven for good measure.

His father and brother both played the guitar and at the age of 15 he followed suit. That was it for young Basson, he continued to play until in his Matric year a band was started between him and Bertie Coetzee, the band would later be known as Zinkplaat. Zinkplaat celebrated 10 years of music in the South African scene in 2013 with the release of their fourth and final album Retrospekulasie.

Basson released his EP in February this year and I must say it’s interesting to say the least. If you’re into Rock n Roll, The blues and everything in between. This EP needs to make it’s way into your collection. It takes you on a journey, from swaying slowly on your chair at work to the quick tapping of your feet. It’s an all round bad ass EP!

Download the EP here for free:

You can almost tell by the track list how much it varies, in a good way.

  1. Bad News
  2. Brother
  3. Cage Blues
  4. Killing Me
  5. Ramblin Man
  6. Shakedown
  7. Swamp Thing

Get yourself this man’s EP, it’s guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed.





Haezer 7 - ThailandThe first time I was lucky enough to watch a HAEZER performance had to have been about 3/4 years ago now at Oppi Koppi. Well, before that I was very one track minded about music, I had never been interested in anything other then Rock n Roll. A HAEZER performance changed all that, that one night I can barely remember.

A lot has changed since then for myself as well as for HAEZER, now he’s an internationally recognised artist and he’s constantly making waves. HAEZER will be playing at Arcade Empire this coming Saturday for Arcades 3rd birthday and we fired a few questions his way to see what he’s been up to of late.

NAZ: You’ve been a rather busy man, travelling making new music, really original live performances and now a new music video for MINTED. There’s so much going on you must miss out on a lot of sleep. What are your regular working hours? Are you a day dweller or night owl?

HAEZER: I like to use normal office hours for producing music during the week and then weekends I sleep late after a late night show. Generally I try and stick to producing between 10-6pm, but most of the time I work till 8pm, because I always get too stuck into a track to leave it.

NAZ: So far, your music has taken you to various corners of the globe, what’s the raddest show you’ve played so far?

HAEZER: I think the best show I played last year was at Hurricane and Southside Festival. It was just so unexpected. I went thinking I won’t have a big crowd and if I do have a crowd they’ll probably not know my music. I was wrong. Half an hour before I started there were already kids chanting my name and it was just the best feeling ever. Continue reading



So you’ve heard quite a bit about these guys by now, surely. They’ve taken being a band to another level and thought conceptually to essentially have a campaign to self promote the band. We had a chat to them following the #findthenomads campaign and this is what they had to say.

nomads_michael ellis-19

NAZ: G’day gents. We’ve had a chat to you guys before but now we’re talking everything #FindTheNomads. Where did the idea to do this come from?

N.O: As all us Nomads have no homes…. We were faced, yet again, by the problem of not having a rehearsal space. We decided to call our buddy Le Riche at Desperados in Obs and asked to jam in the bar round1pm. Ryk Otto, an old friend and occasional drummer, was at the “random rehearsal gig” and loved the interaction he saw. As he had just finished studying marketing at AAA, we asked him to help us with a strategy. He thought that this gig was the perfect idea for a campaign so we brainstormed locations and got a team together.   Continue reading


iso passages -4
ISO are releasing a new EP and it’s called Passages, these guys have been in the game for years and have changed from Isochronus to just ISO. We fired a few questions at them to find out more about their EP, check it out!

Continue reading

Parklife SA


Park Life Festival provided the perfect opportunity for Jozi to abandon offices, lecture halls and school classrooms alike and kick the long weekend off by getting some much needed vitamin D after two weeks of rain, with the knowledge that there was still a loooong weekend filled with shenanigans and relaxation ahead of them! As our days get shorter and summer slowly fades to autumn, what better way is there to celebrate the last summer vibes, than a day of sunshine and great music in one of Jozi’s lush parks?

Continue reading

Desmond And The Tutus – Fanterview.

F1080014These guys (Desmond and the Tutus) will be playing a banger of a show this weekend at Park Acoustics in Pretoria, we decided that instead of us sending through all the questions we’d get some of our fans to get involved. Which they did through FB and Twitter. We gave them the chance to ask D&TT whatever question they’d like to know the answer to.

A first attempt at something new that worked out quite while, the questions we got to send through were pretty funny and we decided to go ahead with it. We’re calling it a “Fanterview” because the fans just did our job for us – we’re smart like that.

If you’re in and around PTA this weekend make sure you go check them out at Park Acoustics, here are the questions and answers we received:

Mike Bawakami: Would shane give my chick a kiss on the cheek if I bought him some zingerwings or some dagga or whatever?

Desmond: Yes – but whatever you do, don’t buy him dagga because he has asthma and then you’d be responsible for ending this band and plus he is a policeman.

Thomas James Revington: Would you rather:  never be allowed to eat chicken licken again OR never be able to grow a moustache?

Desmond: Never be able to grow a moustache! because A) we can’t grow much anyways and B) sliders and hot wings

Dirk Brand: Will Shane’s baby feature in future music videos?

Desmond: Yes, Shane will groom his babies to be South African indie rock versions of Will Smiths kids.

Colin Curtis: Will you guys be making a new album anytime soon?

Desmond: Yes – we’re busy doing that right now

NAZ (That’s us): We’d just like to know one thing, how amped are you for Park Acoustics on a scale of 1 to 10 Elephants?

Desmond: I’d say 10 elephants and a shrimp on the barbie. It’s always one of our favourite shows to play and this is our favourite PA lineup so far!

There you have it, see you at Park Acoustics!




The Durban Sky Grand Prix Of Aerobatics – A First.


This weekend sees the first Sky Grand Prix in Durban, KZN. As far as  I know it’s the first of it’s kind in SA. The whole promenade at Durban’s North Beach will be taken over by The Durban Land – Sea and Air festival. What you can expect is some amazing Aerobatic pilots from all over the world battling against our local pilots.

This event should be highly entertaining and depending on it’s success could become a major tourist attraction in Durban, I was unaware of exactly what this event was about so I fired some questions at Justin Scott, Media and Marketing Director for the event. He was kind enough to respond and I found his response to be very informative I hope you will too.

This is what he had to say:

NAZ: For those who don’t know (including myself) what is this show about? How does it work and why Durban North Beach?

JS: The show is about taking aviation to the people and the cornerstone attraction is the Sky Grand Prix of aerobatics, a competition of the world’s best pilots. The format sees 5 internationals compete against 5 locals in a known flying sequence that has a points and time format applicable. Each pilot is scored by judges for each run through the course and a champion is crowned – in a nut shell. Why Durban, well the event is part of the KZN Air Events programme which is a collection of aviation events in the province. When we were looking for a place to do this Durban city was the obvious choice with its infrastructure, amazing beaches and promenade.

NAZ: How long have you guys been planning this event, surely there’s a substantial amount of admin behind it, how tough has it been to get approval for the event?

JS: We’ve been planning for around a year. There is a lot of admin but that is the same for all events and we need to be sure we’re safe both for the public and the pilots so we don’t mind tackling to admin. Approval was easy as the city is a partner.

NAZ: The Pilots you guys have brought out, where are they from, who are they and what are their achievements so far?

JS: Have a look at the event web site under pilot profiles, all details are there.

NAZ: Will this be an annual event and will it be taking place in other parts of the country?

JS: The Durban Land, Sea and Air Festival looks to be back for another 3 years but we have to make sure this first event is a success and that it attracts the people. If that happens then we can look at where to next.

NAZ: Is the event a demonstration of aeroplane acrobatics or is it a competition between the various acrobatic pilots?

JS: It’s a competition with a champion being crowned at the end of the event.

There you have it, thanks to Justin Scott for the informative answers and we hope to see you at the event this weekend, I personally cannot wait for the battle to go down!



For more like their page:

Getting dirty at Ramfest 2014 JHB


Ramfest has always been about the music and this year didn’t fail on that tradition. All of the performances where mind-blowing with each and every artist bringing their A-game. No surprise Continue reading


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