Clarkson Hammond May Live 2015 feat Ken Block

Top Gear Fest (2 of 4)

Last weekend was a world first as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May started their solo world tour after being sacked by the BBC. I think they have done something great by getting back up and getting on with what they do best, talking about and play with awesome cars. They also had special guest Ken Block and his customised 1965 Mustang there to blow the socks off the crowd.

Top Gear Fest (1 of 4)

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Parklife gourmet food and music festval


Another Parklife festival kicked off on Sunday morning 3 May at Marks Park in Johannesburg. This years Parklife had a new and fancy gourmet twist which saw some lavish food stalls showing face and bringing some much-needed tasty treats to all the hungry music lovers. This festival really does an awesome job of filling a gap in the Jo’burg calendar and letting us squeeze out the last warm weather that autumn has to offer, all while listening to amazing artists, eating fancy food and spreading out on some of the finest lawns the city has to offer. It’s an awesome picnic setting and the perfect place to get a little bit loose or just to hang out with your family or friends and soak up the sunshine. As for the music, the lineup was a perfect mix of local and international talent with 3 stages situated in various parts of Marks Park and a great rotation of awesome performers.

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Friday Freshness Vol 21

Well It’s almost the weekend, So heres something to keep you busy for the final push.

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Sandton Craft Beer Festival #4 Sat 7th March Ticket giveaway!


So who doesn’t like the occasional brewski, and even better a refreshing cold one of the craft variety to make for an even better fermented freshness. Saturday the 7th March will see the 4th installment of The Sandton Craft Beer Fair which is one of Jozi’s most loved and popular festivals attracting people from all corners of the city and its surrounds. Continue reading

Oppikoppi Turns 21, Get your earlybird tickets now!


Oppikoppi turns 21 this year and they will be announcing the theme for this years dust bowl party in a few weeks time.

In the meantime get your earlybird ticket now!

Early Bird Ticket sales close on 03.03 at midnight!


BCUC! – Park Acoustics Interview.


BCUC are about to explode onto the scene (even harder than they already have) and we were lucky enough to have a chat with them about their upcoming performance at Park Acoustics this weekend, check out what they have to say, legends. Continue reading

Friday Freshness Vol. 20!


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Why The Above/Below Premiere In SA Is So Important.

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So, this is like the absolute shit when it comes to BMX videos, it was recently premiered in London and was a super banger of an evening with the likes of Dak, Lacey, Williams, Lewis, Laczko & Zunda having full sections filmed by Rich Forne, it’s not very hard to believe.

Finally the highly anticipated video is on it’s way to SA and the timing could not be any better! The premiere is happening on Sunday evening after Ghetto Jam, which is an event in itself that does great things for BMX. Imagine the Durban North Beach skatepark but, with some ‘Ghetto’ extensions to the park and completely packed with riders from all over the country.

(Froths with excitement for a little while)

Hmmm, it’s going to be such a freaking banger of a weekend. The video does a good job of explaining what it is like to be a pro BMXer and encapsulates the lifestyles they lead (from what I have heard). This is great, especially for the up & comers in SA who weren’t lucky enough to grow up with the likes of Greg Illingworth and see what it is like to be a fully sponsored ‘Pro BMXer’. Heck, those of us that did, don’t really know either as I am sure life as a Pro is very different with various other Pros around in a first world country.

I look forward to more being done with BMX in this country, there is far too much lazy, I’d rather just hang with my girlfriend attitudes and not enough – let’s go fuck shit up in the streets and have the best time ever.

The youth in our scene are buzzing with talent and have got what it takes to start performing on an international level but more facilities, events and ‘leaders’ are required. We most certainly have some great leaders and some slightly shittier ones but it is time for the next generation to start getting shit done. I feel this video may just inspire a substantial amount of the youth who get to experience it & it will leave nothing but a positive influence on our scene.

See you at the premiere at The Winston Pub on the 14th of December.



P.S Don’t be shit. BMX doesn’t approve.


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