Greg Illingworth – Bell Helmets BMX Edit.

Greg is in SA at the moment and we got to hang for a little which was super rad. He didn’t tell us that he was about to drop such a banger of an edit though! The bugger.

This is 2 minutes of pure BMX madness to welcome Gred to the team and I think it might just be my favourite Greg Illingworth section of all time. It’s straight up bangers all the time and he even does a cheeky footplant flip of sorts. Anyway you don’t need me to tell you to watch this Bell Helmets edit right now!


Supercross Africa!

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Friday Freshness Vol.11!

2499e7c5aa6753e5aefdae96It’s the end of the week and we don’t expect you to read, I mean C’MOOON it’s Friday. Our gift to you is a few simple visual pleasures. Go for it, let your eyes water. Continue reading

Sofar Sounds Premiere – Tidal Waves.

I was lucky enough to attend my first Sofar Sounds event some time ago when the awesome dudes from Sutherland invited me to join them and come watch their performance. I had no clue how much it would change my love for music.  Continue reading

Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop – Interview


I’ve been a huge Martin Rocka fan since the day I found out about it, I remember seeing his name on flyers and being instantly sold on the event. Martin Rocka plays for various ‘popular’ bands and unfortunately because of that their aren’t enough Marttin Rocka & The Sick Shop shows. Luckily for you (and me) there is one this freakin weekend baby! So read this, get amped and go boogie on down! Continue reading

A few words with Man As Machine

Man As Machine - Press Pic 2

We had a little chat with Man As Machine and discussed the up-coming Cool Inc event and of course they’re stoked. It’s going to be a banger of an event!  Continue reading

“My Favourite Event Of The Year” – Malcolm Peters On NAZ JAM #3!

Naz jam-117

NAZ Jam, a whole lot of blood, sweat and hustling goes into organising this super rad event every year, but trust me, it’s so worth it. You’re going to hate yourself for missing it and this is why.

The sponsors were so very very awesome and we are so stoked that they all came on board and helped us make this happen. Huge shout out to: Red Bull, Fist Handwear, Salvo, Dope Industries, ArtSplash, Evals BMX, Skabanga and Mongoose. The coolest part is that most of these sponsors are local brands and that has been something we have been working towards since the very beginning. A rad new appearance from OICNT’s Kim Bloodson (AUS) on the mic also gave the crowd something to constantly laugh at.

The riding was on another level, every year there are new kids riding better and better than the year before. It was no surprise that Malcolm Peters took first place in Pro with a perfectly consistent run filled with tricks and steeze alike. Paul Sonderland was hot at the wheels (See what I did there) of Moe (Malcolm’s nickname) with crazy style and huge fakie tricks, I have to say his 540 over the spine was definitely my favourite trick of the day. Tim Dell took the 3rd place spot on the podium and it was after a very deserving performance. I am pretty sure every judge scored him a 10 for style because he was hands down the most stylish rider of the day.

When it came to Ams we had a strange dude in 3rd place, we later found out he was from England and is in fact sponsored by two international company’s. He killed it but it wasn’t enough to top Nathi’s 2nd place performance as well as Gareth’s first place. Nathi is definitely one to look out for as well as Vince, winning a contest after only riding for 2 years. The youth are coming for the older dudes and they’re coming up fast.

All in all it was a solid day of riding in the sun with a massive group of friends and it was topped off well with Hann Jansen’s ‘Get Some’ DVD premiere as well as R400 worth of booze thanks to Donovan Shaw paying his dues.

Until next year’s memories.

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Friday Freshness Vol. 10!


It’s the end of the week and we don’t expect you to read, I mean C’MOOON it’s Friday. Our gift to you is a few simple visual pleasures. Go for it, let your eyes water. Continue reading


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