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Vodacom In The City 2014 – 3 Bands Worth Mentioning.

VITC_Not Another Zebra-1

I will be the first to admit, I had no clue who most of the groups performing at In The City were when they announced the line-up. Yet instead of complaining about it I hit up SoundCloud and discovered that the groups were of top quality.

Like anyone else that attended In The City I was fully aware of who MGMT were, who didn’t love Electric Feel when it came out? One of the bands that stuck when searching SoundCloud for some of the bangers that would be playing on the night were Crystal Fighters. Upon meeting them I was even more intrigued by their presence, they seemed to be a mixture of The Beatles and The Mighty Boosh and their music reflected that.

Now, I am not saying they are on the same level as The Beatles but they most certainly have a similar persona, perhaps an electronic version of Beatles meets Boosh. A large amount of their inspiration comes from a book that they read about the Basque people. A book that was handed down from former band member Laura’s Grandfather. The book inspired them as they found enjoyment in reading about the youth living fun-filled lives. It’s pretty hippy-ish and you can find out more about Basque here. Crystal Fighters are a melting pot of various cultures and most certainly took the title of NAZ’s favourite band at In The City.

As an opening band, PH Fat did pretty damn well, the crowd wasn’t quite there just yet, yet they performed as if it was to millions of people, at the press conference PH Fat stated that they didn’t see it as ‘representing South Africa’ and they didn’t feel that there was more pressure than normal to perform. When asked about their name they weren’t afraid to admit that it was a pretty bad one. Also, next time you request the song ‘Jump’ bare in mind that it’s their least favourite track to perform, largely due to their opening line in the song. ‘Hey Bitch’…

The dudes from Rudimental were humble gents who just enjoyed performing and it really showed. They grew up in London during a time were music was developing like crazy. They’ve always been into music and after 8 years of performing together, they only ‘made it’ within the last couple. The fact that they aim to use predominantly up and coming artists to record with is such a rad way to give back to the music industry. The genre isn’t exactly what we are into but we’re definitely fans of their positive attitudes and general outlook on life.

The Presets were a band that we didn’t really stick around for, however they were pretty interesting to chat to during the press conference. The band consists of 2 Aussies and it was hard to resist asking “Do you even Dingo, C**T?” They’ve been performing for years and when asked which Rock N Roll artist they’d like to work with, they simply responded, “We grew up loving their music and wouldn’t want to bastardise their music” Finally some DJ’s with respect.

All in all, In The City was a huge success, other than the various complaints about the security provided by the music festival. Come on people, you’re “In The City”. Be vigilant, keep your possessions close to you, walk fast and go home. Oh oops, I forgot to mention MGMT’s performance. Must’ve been on purpose. Continue reading

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Bittereinder – New Album & Interview!


Bittereinder have released their new album and from what we can tell it’s packed with Afrikaans rap goodness. The album is available on iTunes and if you’re a fan grab yourself a copy. If not try something new ;) This is what the dudes had to say for themselves. Checkit:

NAZ: The new album ‘Skerm’ is about to launch. For the none Afrikaans speaking fans, what does that mean?

Bittereinder: It means their fanship is always appreciated but they really should invest in an Afrikaans-English dictionary or at least make Google Translate a bookmark.

NAZ: What was the concept behind this album and what is the message you are trying to deliver?

Bittereinder: Many concepts, “the message” is something we leave up to the listeners and readers. Every line means different things to anyone engaging with it. That’s one of the themes on the album actually, the relationships between artist, artwork and appreciator.

NAZ: What’s the process been like, how long has this album taken to produce from start to finish?

Bittereinder: Louis has been making beats for a year and a half, but we began working in a focused manner in April. We fought a lot, but our process was much more streamlined than before, so that precious creative middle-ground was reached quite effectively.

NAZ: What are the plans for the future? What is Bittereinder going to be up to for the next few months?

Bittereinder: Lots of launch gigs, more videos and singles to push, and then our third Netherlands tour early in 2015.

NAZ: What do people not know about you guys?

Bittereinder: It’s 2014. Nothing is hidden anymore.

NAZ: We’d like to know, what’s your favourite Afrikaans joke?

Bittereinder: There’s a great one about bobbejaan and akkedis smoking dagga in a tree…

NAZ: “Afrikaans is dood” – how do you feel about that statement?

Bittereinder: That’s not how you spell “dude”.



5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To The Satanic Dagga Orgy EP.


With a name like ‘Satanic Dagga Orgy’ one would expect a really terrible sounding metal band trying their absolute best to give you kidney stones and make your ears bleed. I won’t lie, that is 100% what I expected when I heard the name of the band for the first time.

It’s really one of those bands that purposely mislead you into thinking they’d suck because they’re actually so good, they couldn’t care less. They know that eventually you will hear one of their folk rock (for lack of a better explanation) tracks and stop and ask ‘who sings this’? (Then never miss a show) Continue reading

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The World Of Park Acoustics.

Park Acoustics_NotAnotherZebra-13

This past weekends Park Acoustics was a windy occasion and that was perhaps due to the fact that a large portion of the line-up were from Cape Town. They must’ve felt right at home, babes, beards and bands were the call of the day.

The main stage is obviously the ‘main’ stage for a reason and it was a very impressive line up, Beach Party, The Plastics, Matthew Mole, The Wanton Bishops(LB) & Bittereinder all absolutely killed, Indie bliss to Afrikaans rap – quite a progression.

Surprisingly though, The Carnival Stage was much more enjoyable. The ‘smaller’ bands rocked that much harder because of the more intimate crowd and the fact that all of the ‘smaller’ bands were such shredders made leaving the area a challenge! From the cool calm acoustic vibes of Sutherland to the vibey surf music that only The Moths can pull off, all the way to the surprise act The Dollfins, with their unique style and good looks. The Carnival stage was the highlight of the world of Park Acoustics.

A solid performance by The Kiffness was a great way to end the day and they were probably a large part of the reason that PTA’s finest come out to party on a Sunday. Continue reading

Boven Mountain Festival 3-5 October 2014

BMFSince 2002, the Waterval Boven Roc Rally has been hosted annually in the Spring. Waterval Boven is the South African Mecca for outdoor activities, with people traveling from all regions of the country to enjoy the sweeping cliff faces and deep cut gorges. The red cliffs and plunging forest gorges attract hikers, climbers, trail runners and mountain bikers alike. The Roc Rally was hosted by the red cliffs of Boven and attracted climbers from all over the World.    
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